- Malva neglecta

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Malva neglecta
Malva neglecta (14/14)
Malva neglecta
Malva neglecta (14/17)
Malva sylvestris
Malva sylvestris (13/16)
Malva verticillata
Malva verticillata (13/19)
Malva sylvestris
Malva sylvestris (11/14)
Malva alcea
Malva alcea (11/15)
Althaea taurinensis
Althaea taurinensis (11/18)
Althaea hirsuta
Althaea hirsuta (11/20)
Abelmoschus esculentus
Abelmoschus esculentus (11/21)
Abutilon striatum
Abutilon striatum (11/24)
Abelmoschus moschatus
Abelmoschus moschatus (11/24)
Hibiscus trionum
Hibiscus trionum (10/13)
Chenopodium album
Chenopodium album (10/14)
Hibiscus sabdariffa
Hibiscus sabdariffa (10/14)
Chenopodium album
Chenopodium album (10/15)
Geranium pusillum
Geranium pusillum (10/17)
Ceiba speciosa
Ceiba speciosa (10/19)
Torilis japonica
Torilis japonica (10/22)
Abutilon theophrasti
Abutilon theophrasti (10/25)
Polygonum aviculare
Polygonum aviculare (9/10)
Malva moschata
Malva moschata (9/11)
Oxalis corniculata
Oxalis corniculata (9/12)
Oxalis corniculata
Oxalis corniculata (9/12)
Ranunculus acris
Ranunculus acris (9/12)
Ranunculus carinthiacus
Ranunculus carinthiacus (9/12)
Oxalis europaea
Oxalis europaea (9/12)
Brassica nigra
Brassica nigra (9/12)
Atriplex hortensis
Atriplex hortensis (9/13)
Oxalis corniculata
Oxalis corniculata (9/13)
Polygonum aviculare
Polygonum aviculare (9/13)
Ranunculus psilostachys
Ranunculus psilostachys (9/13)
Oxalis corniculata
Oxalis corniculata (9/13)
Geranium molle
Geranium molle (9/14)
Cymbalaria muralis
Cymbalaria muralis (9/14)
Physalis alkekengi
Physalis alkekengi (9/14)
Geranium rotundifolium
Geranium rotundifolium (9/15)
Cymbalaria muralis
Cymbalaria muralis (9/15)
Physalis peruviana
Physalis peruviana (9/15)
Portulaca oleracea
Portulaca oleracea (9/15)
Geranium pusillum
Geranium pusillum (9/16)
Physalis ixocarpa
Physalis ixocarpa (9/17)
Veronica maritima
Veronica maritima (9/17)
Primula veris
Primula veris (9/17)
Solanum dulcamara
Solanum dulcamara (9/18)
Agrimonia eupatoria
Agrimonia eupatoria (9/18)
Geranium dissectum
Geranium dissectum (9/18)
Datura inoxia
Datura inoxia (9/19)
Pimpinella anisum
Pimpinella anisum (9/19)
Stachyurus praecox
Stachyurus praecox (9/21)
Aruncus aethusifolius
Aruncus aethusifolius (9/21)
Ambroma augusta
Ambroma augusta (9/22)
Leonurus cardiaca
Leonurus cardiaca (9/22)
Abutilon indicum
Abutilon indicum (9/24)
Stellaria media
Stellaria media (8/9)
Oxalis corniculata
Oxalis corniculata (8/10)
Rumex acetosella
Rumex acetosella (8/10)
Myosotis arvensis
Myosotis arvensis (8/10)
Thlaspi arvense
Thlaspi arvense (8/10)
Paeonia delavayi var. trolloides
Paeonia delavayi var. trolloides (8/10)
Anemone nemorosa
Anemone nemorosa (8/11)
Geum urbanum
Geum urbanum (8/11)
Potentilla reptans
Potentilla reptans (8/11)
Chenopodium album
Chenopodium album (8/11)
Althaea officinalis
Althaea officinalis (8/11)
Cuscuta trifolii
Cuscuta trifolii (8/11)
Cerastium vulgatum
Cerastium vulgatum (8/12)
Moneses uniflora
Moneses uniflora (8/12)
Medicago lupulina
Medicago lupulina (8/12)
Silene baccifera
Silene baccifera (8/12)
Brugmansia x candida
Brugmansia x candida (8/12)
Erodium cicutarium
Erodium cicutarium (8/12)
Stellaria media
Stellaria media (8/12)
Erucastrum gallicum
Erucastrum gallicum (8/13)
Borago officinalis
Borago officinalis (8/13)
Cardamine flexuosa
Cardamine flexuosa (8/13)
Myosotis sylvatica
Myosotis sylvatica (8/13)
Potentilla incana
Potentilla incana (8/13)
Campanula glomerata
Campanula glomerata (8/13)
Ranunculus sceleratus
Ranunculus sceleratus (8/13)
Potentilla argentea
Potentilla argentea (8/13)
Datura stramonium
Datura stramonium (8/13)
Mycelis muralis
Mycelis muralis (8/13)
Dianthus gratianopolitanus
Dianthus gratianopolitanus (8/13)
Parietaria officinalis
Parietaria officinalis (8/13)
Ranúnculus (8/13)
Datura stramonium
Datura stramonium (8/13)
Primula glaucescens
Primula glaucescens (8/13)
Geranium phaeum
Geranium phaeum (8/13)
Sisymbrium officinale
Sisymbrium officinale (8/13)
Geranium dissectum
Geranium dissectum (8/13)
Stellaria aquatica
Stellaria aquatica (8/13)
Portulaca grandiflora
Portulaca grandiflora (8/14)
Campanula cochlearifolia
Campanula cochlearifolia (8/14)
Campanula glomerata
Campanula glomerata (8/14)
Blitum bonus-henricus
Blitum bonus-henricus (8/14)
Romneya coulteri
Romneya coulteri (8/14)
Silene acaulis
Silene acaulis (8/14)
Polygonum bistorta
Polygonum bistorta (8/14)
Helleborus multifidus
Helleborus multifidus (8/14)
Campanula carpatica
Campanula carpatica (8/14)
Geum rivale
Geum rivale (8/14)
Campanula rapunculus
Campanula rapunculus (8/14)
Filipendula vulgaris
Filipendula vulgaris (8/15)
Silene acaulis
Silene acaulis (8/15)
Filipendula ulmaria
Filipendula ulmaria (8/15)
Phytolacca americana
Phytolacca americana (8/15)
Aegopodium podagraria
Aegopodium podagraria (8/15)
Mycelis muralis
Mycelis muralis (8/15)
Campanula glomerata
Campanula glomerata (8/15)
Nicandra physalodes
Nicandra physalodes (8/15)
Campanula glomerata
Campanula glomerata (8/15)
Capsella bursa pastoris
Capsella bursa pastoris (8/15)
Nymphoides peltata
Nymphoides peltata (8/15)
Lobelia × speciosa
Lobelia × speciosa (8/15)
Isopyrum thalictroides
Isopyrum thalictroides (8/15)
Campanula rapunculoides
Campanula rapunculoides (8/15)
Myosotis scorpioides
Myosotis scorpioides (8/15)
Euphrasia officinalis
Euphrasia officinalis (8/15)
Geum urbanum
Geum urbanum (8/15)
Geranium macrorrhizum
Geranium macrorrhizum (8/15)
Filipendula ulmaria
Filipendula ulmaria (8/15)
Geum urbanum
Geum urbanum (8/16)
Nicotiana tabacum
Nicotiana tabacum (8/16)
Sisymbrium officinale
Sisymbrium officinale (8/16)
Cichorium intybus
Cichorium intybus (8/16)
Campanula cochlearifolia
Campanula cochlearifolia (8/16)
Jaltomata procumbens
Jaltomata procumbens (8/16)
Heracleum sphondylium
Heracleum sphondylium (8/16)
Campanula isophylla
Campanula isophylla (8/16)
Silene acaulis
Silene acaulis (8/16)
Primula minima
Primula minima (8/16)
Primula carniolica
Primula carniolica (8/16)
Chrysanthemum carinatum
Chrysanthemum carinatum (8/17)
Aconitum lycoctonum subsp. neapolitanum
Aconitum lycoctonum subsp. neapolitanum (8/17)
Solanum dulcamara
Solanum dulcamara (8/17)
Glebionis coronaria var. discolor
Glebionis coronaria var. discolor (8/17)
Styrax obassia
Styrax obassia (8/17)
Molopospermum peloponnesiacum
Molopospermum peloponnesiacum (8/17)
Geranium robertianum
Geranium robertianum (8/17)
Primula palinuri
Primula palinuri (8/17)
Ocimum basilicum
Ocimum basilicum (8/17)
Chrysanthemum indicum
Chrysanthemum indicum (8/18)
Corydalis solida
Corydalis solida (8/18)
Corydalis solida
Corydalis solida (8/18)
Solanum aviculare
Solanum aviculare (8/18)
Citrullus lanatus
Citrullus lanatus (8/18)
Astilbe japonica
Astilbe japonica (8/18)
Staphylea pinnata
Staphylea pinnata (8/18)
Fallopia japonica
Fallopia japonica (8/18)
Cimicifuga racemosa
Cimicifuga racemosa (8/18)
Corydalis solida
Corydalis solida (8/19)
Orthilia secunda
Orthilia secunda (8/19)
Aethusa cynapium
Aethusa cynapium (8/19)
Myosotis sylvatica
Myosotis sylvatica (8/19)
Staphylea trifolia
Staphylea trifolia (8/20)
Astrantia major
Astrantia major (8/20)
Berula erecta
Berula erecta (8/20)
Solanum citrullifolium
Solanum citrullifolium (8/21)
Arbutus unedo
Arbutus unedo (8/22)
Samolus valerandi
Samolus valerandi (8/22)
Solanum melongena
Solanum melongena (8/22)
Solanum rostratum
Solanum rostratum (8/22)
Spiraea chamaedryfolia
Spiraea chamaedryfolia (8/23)
Iochroma australe
Iochroma australe (8/23)
Chenopodium murale
Chenopodium murale (7/8)
Geranium pyrenaicum
Geranium pyrenaicum (7/8)
Polygonum arenastrum
Polygonum arenastrum (7/8)
Valeriana dioica
Valeriana dioica (7/8)
Lychnis flos-cuculi
Lychnis flos-cuculi (7/8)
Geranium lucidum
Geranium lucidum (7/8)
Lavatera trimestris
Lavatera trimestris (7/9)
Lychnis flos-cuculi
Lychnis flos-cuculi (7/9)
Polygonum viviparum
Polygonum viviparum (7/9)
Geranium thunbergii
Geranium thunbergii (7/9)
Armoracia rusticana
Armoracia rusticana (7/9)
Geranium sylvaticum
Geranium sylvaticum (7/9)
Solanum nigrum
Solanum nigrum (7/9)
Cuscuta europaea
Cuscuta europaea (7/9)
Silene vulgaris
Silene vulgaris (7/9)
Silene italica
Silene italica (7/9)
Geranium phaeum
Geranium phaeum (7/9)
Solanum nigrum
Solanum nigrum (7/9)
Cuscuta europaea
Cuscuta europaea (7/10)
Silene vulgaris
Silene vulgaris (7/10)
Oxalis acetosella
Oxalis acetosella (7/10)
Geranium x magnificum
Geranium x magnificum (7/10)
Amaranthus retroflexus
Amaranthus retroflexus (7/10)
Papaver rhoeas
Papaver rhoeas (7/10)
Orobanche minor
Orobanche minor (7/10)
Berteroa incana
Berteroa incana (7/10)
Geum rivale
Geum rivale (7/10)
Geranium columbinum
Geranium columbinum (7/10)
Anagallis monelli
Anagallis monelli (7/10)
Solanum nigrum
Solanum nigrum (7/10)
Anemone nemorosa
Anemone nemorosa (7/10)
Anagallis monelli
Anagallis monelli (7/10)
Dianthus plumarius
Dianthus plumarius (7/10)
Lactuca perennis
Lactuca perennis (7/10)
Dianthus gratianopolitanus
Dianthus gratianopolitanus (7/10)
Solanum nigrum
Solanum nigrum (7/10)
Ranunculus arvensis
Ranunculus arvensis (7/10)
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