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Nature photographer measuring helper

WARNING ! If you already have NPMH.csv file, from previous downloads,
don't owerwrite it with that from zip file, replace only exe file !
Download here. Extract, run.

Version 2.1 (04.06.2013)

Calculating 'real image width' was possible only in strict horizontal direction.
Now direction does not matter.You could now do 'real image width' with image like this:
Doh I doubt you will. The reason I did this is: as demonstrated on this image:

Version 2.0 (20.02.2013)

Added small magnifying glass, where part of original image is displayed at 1:1
You are measuring on smaller image than original,hence there is accuracy gap
You can measure same way as at previous versions if satisfied with accuracy,
that is click, drag, release or (to mesure at highest acuracy possible):

Version 1.1 (01.02.2013)

Added marked button. Opens a dialog with some sample data that clarifys what is all about.
You can save there your lens & camera & focusing distace combination & Real image 'width' data for later use.
Double click to select certain Real image 'width'.

Version 1.0 (17.01.2013)

The problem

You need to know how big the object on photo realy is. Forinstance: you took the shoot of a insect
that was running aroud fast and you could not measure it, catch it, ...
And you are allso to lazy to carry around a ruller to measure each bug, record each measure, .... ?
Realy all this is pointless to do and big pain in the arse.
And even if you would caught it, if you would want to know how long the antenae are, how would you measure that ?
The accuracy of measurement is not questionable,it is bad. Also mybe you want to let it be (the bug) ?

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