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Agrilus planipen...
© Daniel Herms, The Ohio ...
Taphrina sadebec...
© AfroBrazilian
Taphrina tosquin...
© Lairich Rig
Epicauta rufidor...
© Luca Fornasari
Calocera viscosa
© Cvenkel Miran
Hypomyces rosellus
© Cvenkel Miran
Hymenochaete cru...
© Cvenkel Miran
Clytus rhamni
© Assafn
Agapanthia cardui
© Didier Descouens
Agapanthia cynarae
© И.Н. Тисленко
Anaglyptus gibbo...
© Claudio Deiaco
Ceruchus chrysom...
© Udo Schmidt
Cyrtoclytus capra
© K.V. Makarov
Gracilia minuta
© Udo Schmidt
Isotomus speciosus
© Yerpo
Judolia sexmacul...
© Jacek Kurzawa
Lepturalia nigri...
© Jacek Kurzawa
Leptura thoracica
© Oleg Berlov
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